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I who Am Light.

"Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows." James1"17.
"And the Elohim said: "Let there be Light"
Light is always outside of time. It came before the Sun on the fourth day and therefore could not be measured as a sign or symbol. This was primal light, that only the Father knows that never leaves its source. It is the "Father of light, in whom there is no shadow of turning."It is the Word within the Fathers Bosom that brings light to this world, not the Sun. The Sun only illuminates the darkness, the word dispels the darkness.
This light is always with you, as awareness, it is the inner light that enables the eye to see and for dreams to appear in.
Mind has no ability to SEE thought, except as the shadow of what has already happened. Only images cast by light can mind see, but never the light or the reality it reflects, Mind counts the footprints of memory, like a well-trained archaeologist.
Until there is complete presence of Light, there can be no mythology or Christ teaching parables. Before any sunrise there is a stillness and peace of the unmanifest that gradually appears floating on the cool morning's breeze, the Eden of our childhood silhouetted all around. As Sun arises higher, the ethereal glow goes as the adult is banned from sweet Eden's youthful graces. Soon the heat of the Noonday Sun and the sweat upon the brow makes Eden's fair face dissolve. Such is the Judaic God of this world, the God of Abraham...the Universal Ego..."I Jehovah [God of Abraham the Jews, false Christians and Muslims] am a man of war" Exodus15:3.
Only ego works, for only ego can be lazy. As the Sun settles in the horizon, the end of the day, man stumbles every step, weary and totally washed out. Ego is his Master that uses the lash of desire.
It is our Business to receive Light from above, from our Heavenly Father, only this light can sustain us from being weary, impure and bound.
The Time has come to SEE that both darkness and refracted light have but one source. It was the Judaic God that separated them both after having made them being illusory reflecting the nature of this Judaic God "the God of this world" St.Paul. 
When the ever-expanding light and the ever-contracting darkness come together we have the Great Silence where all have gone to light. The darkness that seemed to have vanished has become light itself. The True Light knows no duality as where ever it goes where can darkness be found?
So it is with this dream of egoic darkness, for the crossover is now, from darkness to light, the point of reference is always NOW. You only shine in the NOW not the shadows of the past or the imagined future.
The Spirit of man may wear a flesh tunic but is not bound by flesh, or by time, or a beginning or an end. The holographic darkness of ego has been changed to light. The whole light of pure consciousness.
Just as light seeking darkness, finds only it's absence, so does he who searches after Truth, finds his own absence. Just as light searches out darkness, because it has found everything else, so does "self" seeking an Ego God to confirm its own ego, find it's absence. By calling off all seeking and searches, one truly abides in SELF the bosom of the Father as Jesus..."the firstborn of every creature "He is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all creation." Col.1:15.
Light just forever shines, it does not know it shines, only resistance makes it so. Light in itself is invisible in a vacuum, the darkness contains it without knowing. It has no conceptual existence apart from resistance. The same with Consciousness, only it's resistance manifests as thought.
Light therefore in itself as pure and is invisible, such refracted
Light of this world of matter is a concept of dual mind, the split mind of the Tree of knowledge. Just as absence is the absence of presence,
I cannot see what I am. My eye sees, but does not look, for I look."I" is a ray of light, but "I AM' is the Sun. The Sun of all selves the True Sun of this word is the Father of Lights...the Transcendent Self of all.
We are miserable if the Sun is not shining, but if the Sun within is burning we do not even notice. The velocity of light is never affected, no matter which way the observer is going. Just as Light Itself can never be an object, only that it shines on as illusory appearances, never discernible to Light, neither can true Self for it is THAT which is shining. It can only be the whole and the absence of anything else. I who am Light make all things, wisdom, and truth all then become apparent.

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