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Post Info TOPIC: New Age Gurus that eschew the Bible, avoiding the inner teachings of the New Testament.


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New Age Gurus that eschew the Bible, avoiding the inner teachings of the New Testament.

On the concept of the Inner Child. Carl Jung called it the “Divine Child” as the essence of who we are. We are the Divine Children of The Heavenly Father...the Source, therefore the Inner Child is not a separate entity from the Father which is why Jesus as the Son said: "I and My Father are One." John 10:30.
It is not a dualistic aspect of ourselves, it is the energetic, creative Meta Self...or the "Cosmic Christ" "OverSelf". The moment we leave the womb and are born into this world we no longer know who we are, or why we have come or our very reason for being. With our first breath, we begin our de-conditioning, the art of being a Human the most self-conscious of all creatures, from then onwards we are deconditioned and programmed into the Matrix of this world. Leaving the womb the inner child is still there in the heart centre and is still present as a child but gradually is crucified on the Cross of our humanity as the body becomes more hard and real to us.... St.Paul calls it the "inner man" perhaps the original translation would have been the "inner child" that grows as St.Paul says "grows daily" which makes more sense as an adult does not grow day by day....the translators employed by the Church are ignorant of spiritual things, they are institutionalized and wary of upsetting their hierarchy. and their jobs. The outer man St. Paul goes on to say "perishes daily"
[See 2 Cor.4"16] The inner child the divine is always there waiting in the inner chambers or the manger of the heart it is the "Christ Child." I am using Christian terminology as that is what most of us occidentals have been brought up with, so let us weave that which we have been taught into the fabric of reality the best way we can. Western so-called gurus who eschew the New Testament the only Bible one recognizes, are turning Buddhist, Daoist, Advaita teachings into junk food, slick and appealing to the many, profitable also, but few are they who discover the inner child.

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