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The Body as fuel for the Mind.

When one realizes the body is nothing more than the fuel which allows the flame of awareness to burn, yet it is never sufficient in itself to SEE God the Father's Kingdom!
Yes, all our daily activities are basically to supply this constant flow of fuel so the flame of our attention should continue. But alas millions die, never to see this flame transform itself into the Sun of Awareness, as the Christ in His Transfiguration on the Mount.
You see while your activity is confined to your little house on the plains of Shinar of this world, only the Tower of ego the Babel of Religion will arise. I can tell you your house is on fire and eventually, you will be consumed, but not with the Glorious Light of the Father's kingdom of His Dear Son......YOU.......until your attention is drawn back to the father's House you will never leave this little puny house of yours, you will continue to abide in it, until it is totally consumed in the fire of death. No amount of running around, will avail anything, for your panic will be in the total delusion of the smoke of your desires, you will never find the door to get out.
"I AM THE DOOR" still echo over the millenniums. You will never get through closed doors with a flesh body, with attachment to your own individuality. The Resurrected Christ appeared as flesh only because of their carnal minds, "as YE see Me having."You must jettison self-identity, there is no other way. "No longer live I, but Christ" still echoes down to Today!
Discover really who you are. The body is mostly water, but who says they are water? All forms emerge from the earth and return back and without these forms, there are no names.
As one applies the flame of one's attention to what one is, you will discover no part of the body is you, not even the brain! By this, I mean the essence of what you are as Spirit. Who can tell me where in the body the spirit abides? Is it limited to some part or even the whole body? Can God's infinite Spirit be confined just to your body? I think we would all agree, NO.
I am telling you to set aside all the idols of your mind especially self, they have no part in God's kingdom they are only idols of God's fiery wrath............only fit for the burning!
Look harder with this fire of attention, what is this I AM? That I AM is certain, yet there was a time before creation when there was no I AM, no beingness, so prior to your beingness you do not know this I AM, So this whole world's experience is based on the false premise that the World was first and they were born afterwards, is that not so? So as long as this is your conviction, you will not know anything better. But think again were there any words prior to your awareness? How can you be sure? I am referring to YOUR firsthand knowledge not that from the graveyards of man's memory, your ancestors and the rest of the whole baggage of human history. THEY ARE ALL CONCEPTS! WE live in a world of concepts and we give them reality! How do you know for sure?
What did you know in your Mother's womb O you wise men and women? What will you know after death? Can anyone tell me for sure these things? I think not. Is there any person here, or can a person here know REALITY?
What is this "I" we all it a person or is it impersonal? Can this "I AM" be born, can it die? Can it be buried or cremated? If it is cut up into a million pieces, does it matter?

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