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Happiness is your true state.

The secret of happiness is to know the great secret: "I Am the inmost SELF of ALL. I see through all eyes.
I hear through all ears, all happiness proceeds from me. I am the Creator, the Master, the Provider. All time and space proceeds from me. I AM the motionless Ruler WITHIN, I pull the strings, I set the puppets in motion. I AM the Light that shone in the heart of Adam in Moses in Jesus. 
I AM the inspiration of all poets, just one wink of my eye, images and forms pour forth unceasing. I created the World in a single fiat and I dwell within the Temple of the Body. I AM the sole inhabitant of its city. I am the sugar that sweetens all things. I am the salt in the sea. The Flowers bring forth the multitude of their colors for me. I AM the object of worship of All. I Am the bell in the steeple tower, I am conch sounding in the Temple. All prayers are addressed to me, the whole world is my silhouette. Changing its colours and form continues to please me. I cause the shadows to go round all the objects in the Sun. The World stands forth in my rays, issuing in all directions. I AM the Being of every form, the soul of the angels. 
Without me, nothing would exist.
I stir first in the mineral kingdom, I begin to arise in the plant kingdom, I begin to move in the animal kingdom. But in Man, I come awake. The whole world is a manifestation of my glory. I am the magician, the magic show and also the audience. The whole show I keep within the Temple of my body, I am intoxicated with my power. Nothing but this I AM exists. All the Glory of this World proceeds from this. I swam once in my mother's womb looking like a fish, I transmigrated through all the forms of a babe to a child an adult and a man who is aging, yet I AM the Same Yesterday, Today and Forevermore.
Happiness comes from knowing who you are, not from ego. If you choose ego then your happiness will become misery. Choose God and your happiness will abide and flower. Only God is REAL, ego is but the shadow of the Real. It behaves like a man running from his shadow. It is always on the run. It takes fright because it is not the cause. It is the consequence, that knows not its cause, or even why it exists or what it is doing here. Such is the life of shadow ego.
If sin was real it could never be forgiven. And if Salvation was real, then the curse of having killed God's Only Son would ever fall upon you. If sin is real, your suffering must also be real and so also your punishment. The whole process of giving sin reality must also give death it's punishment also reality. If sin be real, so is death. You can never get out of it. The offer of God's Son can only increase your guilt and suffering. For not only have you committed real sin, but you are the cause of God's Son really going into real death. Happiness can never be, from such a cruel formula.
I AM telling you, you are sinless, you are exactly as God created you. You are not separate from God or me. We are all one.
It is clinging to the false, giving reality to the false, that causes suffering. Happiness is clinging to the Real. The Real is always with you. You need not wait, it is the NOW. Therefore happiness is your true state. Only a false state makes you sad. All search for happiness ends in misery, for happiness cannot be sought, it is your natural state.
Anything that can be experienced is not worth having. It must be illusory. Seek not your own experiences learn from the mistakes of others. You are complete: "We are the fullness of Him, who fills all things." You lack nothing.
Do not be greedy for experiences, they can give you nothing. Knowledge is useful to live, it feeds your shadow, for that you need experience. But for Reality, you need no experience. No university can teach you how to be your real self. You can only practice discarding the unreal. Discard all you are not. What you ARE is beyond space and time. You are the World. You are not even a human being, you are nothing that the carnal mind can make an idol of. You are that which exists in the Mind of Christ. Nothing in particular, you just ARE. Yet you are beyond the Universe, even though very joy is your joy, every sorrow your sorrow. As I AM is beyond all the changing waves of sorrow and happiness of this world.
What I AM is this world yet beyond it. I am all things yet nothing. I am no concept of the carnal mind. I AM far too slippery for carnal mind to capture. I am happy I have eternal life. I AM Spirit. I AM free. I AM one with ALL.

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