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Without A Vision The People Perish

Without A Vision The People Perish
Without a vision they say the people will perish 
Without a dream ..nothing to cherish. 
Without a preacher, O how can they hear 
Without the Spirit who draws them near. 
My people perish for the lack of knowledge 
Oh! They read the book and went to college 
They have not sought wisdom in a vision quest 
They have no knowledge of the unseen guest. 
The people are led by blind, empty heads 
Their churches are full, tombs of the dead. 
Money changers fleecing their wool 
Taking all they need, their pockets are full. 
Now is the time, now is the hour 
To cease to follow, those who are for hire, 
Come follow me..I'll show you the way 
By visions, by dreams until that day 
When all things are restored...reconciled 
Not one to be left, not even a child 
Until together in one, a New Creation 
Covers this land, and every nation. 
A people shall come that see the vision 
They'll follow the Spirit, that will make the decision 
To follow the vision given by their Lord 
A. New Creation Man made is their reward. 
In Silence...I AM
Silent R-Mary Hafley
Without A Vision The People Perish #2
Arise and let thy Light shine
come forth now, redeeming the time
My Living Word is marching by
To bring deliverance, and I'll tell you why.
A double portion of the Holy Ghost and fire
It'll take to lift man from the filth and mire
The creative Word, It'll take to restore
Broken limb, broken hearts and much, much more.
A change has come in the way man thinks
If there's unbelief, into the darkness he sinks
But my Word is the Positive Force
That'll change mans' mind, put him on the right course.
My army is gathering to bring forth light
to manifest The Father, and set man right.
They have caught the vision, and did believe
That all they saw they would receive.
This later house I'm raising up
Were made partakers of the bitter cup
Persecution and shame they have endured
Because of my Name, the sick is cured.
Joel prophesied this day would come
I 'd pour out my Spirit, baptizing each one
Show signs in the heavens and the earth beneath
As my Word goes forth to sow and reap.
The elements being moved out of their place
As My Word marches, the heavens do shake
Men's hearts are failing because of fear
Not understanding the Words of the Seer.
The world is now feeling the Holy Fire
That is coming forth, to cleanse it of tares
In each temple, which is your flesh
The Son of perdition was laid to rest.
I'M casting him out, this is my house I built
This is My dwelling place, I protect and shield
The world has never seen what is yet to come
Tribulation and famine, death and disease sparing none.
The Name of the Lord is a strong tower
A place of refuge to hide in this hour
The Ark of The Covenant, Alive among thee
The Latter House, The Holy Ghost and Fire is He.
The voice of "I AM THAT I AM"
Declaring "I was before Abraham"
Is heard from deep within
Declaring "I AM THAT I AM" again
It's I, AM Revealing His omniscience
You and I before Abraham. 
"In the days of the Voice of the seventh angel, when He shall 

begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished, as He hath declared to His servant the Prophets"


Oneness is beyond sense perceptin
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