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We are Divine, but like the Prodigal son forgotten who we are.

We Are Divine But We Have Fallen

Only the Flesh, the Religious Old Man tells us otherwise. The Clear clarion call of the Trump of God is all about the Divine Nature in US, Nothing else is to be called home....NOthing else can be changed, transformed and raptured...."flesh and blood cannot inherit the Kingdom of God." 1 Cor.15:50.

For too long we have wandered in the wilderness of this creation of ours, having forgotten who we are. We are the Creators of Eden. "Let US make man in our image." Gen.1:26. As Jesus said quoting the Psalms "Ye are gods." John 10:34.

The Perceiver can never be perceived. You cannot be that which you can observe. You clearly can observe the Flesh in you, your emotions, your intellect, your thoughts, but you cannot be any of that. The Observer is not the Observed.

This World friend is your creation, but you have forgotten your True Nature. Like Narcissus, you have spent so long looking at your creation you have forgotten your TRUE SELF. You have taken the image to be YOU. It is NOT! You are Spirit, not Flesh. You are the Substance, not the Shadow. You are the Reality, not the illusion. "God is Spirit" John4:24. "The things that are seen are only for a time, the things not seen eternal" 2 Cor.4:18. "We are the Body, the fullness of Him, who fills all things." Eph.1:23 "Raised a spiritual body." 1 Cor.15:44.

To that extent you have allowed these shadows too, to so overwhelm your consciousness, it will be impossible for you to realise your True Divine Nature whilst on earth trapped in the mirror of your false miscreations. What you have created is REAL. Only "self" and the world it has created outside of Eden tells you otherwise.

Now, this unreal identity the Old Man is an amalgam of all sorts of DNA influences and also environmental and cultural influences. This little "self' is just the concentration of your focus on one particularity or singularity of form, having forgotten the True Blueprint of what it Truly IS.Now the conscious mind being carnal and dependent on identifying with its creation and not the CREATOR WHICH IT TRULY IS, has forgotten that great creative edict: "Let US create".... and fallen into the stupor of young Narcissus.

The Divine has fallen in Consciousness from what it IS, to that which it Observes.The fall would not be a fall if it was about mere blood and flesh, but rather if it is about those who are Divine having fallen.That is the True account of the King of Tyre. No amount of logical reasoning will persuade this mind from it's view, as long as it's original "premise" is FALSE.

The True Premise is that you are DIVINE, as Paul said we "are partakers of the Divine Nature"2 Peter1:4... for from the Beginning we were "in Christ before the foundation of the world." Eph.1:4. We were the original Creators of Gen.1. "Elohim" God in the plural....of course we have forgotten, eating from the Tree of knowledge that gives the Matrix of this world.
Lord God as carnal Mind the supreme collective conscious mind of man, is trapped in its own miscreative ideas of Gen.2 that Spirit can enter dust, that its creation can come from the physical matter.Well, it cannot except as a formation a mere manufacture. And the world is becoming more manufactured every day since. As long as there is this false belief that we are flesh and not Divine, we will always have that false state in our conscious mind bearing fruits to this false state.For we have carried the Tree of knowledge out of Eden and left the Tree of Life behind.

The Experience of our Divinity as Spirit is the First step of Repentance. You must repent of your false state which is flesh and dust, to take on the image of the Heavenly MAN, that is TRUE HUMAN. True Human is DIVINE/SPIRIT, it can walk on water, raise the dead, be crucified and Resurrect.....for it knows this world has NO POWER OVER IT.

Of course, Flesh man will never witness to this Revelation unless it comes to the Father of All Living Spirits.This Flesh will forever keep Christ condemned to Flesh, not knowing the Power of God and the spirit of Holiness that reveals Christ not as David's seed but as the "Son of God."

Now this REPENTANCE requires HONESTY, not a mock Spiritual Piety that seeks to perpetuate it's false miscreations. If you do not have this Fundamental Honesty within your heart, no matter how brilliant you are, no matter how well versed in the Bible, you will never awaken from the sleep of death. Darkness cannot apprehend the Light. You must recognise this dark state of your heart before Repentance can transpire.

The Moment you acknowledge this false identity, the old Man, the Flesh and the nature of its falsity causing you to live a life which is a lie and doomed for failure...the Door begins to OPEN. The True humanity and true nature of flesh not as mortal dust;but as incorruptible Spirit!

Once you grasp this door, "No man can close it." Rev.3:8. Then you can respond to that Divine Voice: "Come up hither."  Rev.11:12. Whosoever will come, but only by acceptance of the unseen Divine Flesh which is SPIRIT can you enter in. If you can comprehend this message, then nothing will stop you entering!

To be YOUR REAL SELF you must express your true creative powers and Nature. You the Perceiver is NOT THE PERCEIVED, absolutely not one single thing in isolation in this world can be You. Any belief or idea of what you are in this world is FALSE, for you are DIVINE, YOU ARE MORE THAN YOUR CREATION.

For instance, a Watch is more than the sum of its parts and certainly greater than any part, no matter how great that part may be. Heck how great we all feel our little protuberances are in this world, these little sacks of skin. You cannot be a little bag of skin and DIVINE at the same time. A Watch is not one of it's parts.Christ had to leave Divine Nature behind to enter this world, but he learnt by obedience and suffering how to manifest what He truly was a universal type as a son of Man who brought into FULL VIEW THE FULLNESS OF DEITY. Of course, Man still within the dream of this world saw Him as Flesh, but those who were truly AWAKE saw Him as SPIRIT. Luke says that on the Mount of Transfiguration when they "were truly awake" they saw His glory His Divine Nature. The Flesh can only see flesh, they may see flesh as glorified flesh, but all flesh is as grass and perishes with the use.We are Divine Human, "partakers of the Divine Nature." 2 Peter 1:4.

Of course, if you are so preoccupied with the activities of this little protuberance called self, and all it's importance in its family, relations and at Work. play or church it will never know it's Divine Nature.

Paul speaks of "dying while yet living" 2 Cor.6:9.... this my friends is the True Resurrection and Trumpet Call of God. This is the assembling shout that enables you in an instant to see who you are "As the son of man out of Heaven." John 3:13.

Now that might terrify the flesh, particularly the Religious flesh, and well it might, for it says it will:". " bring to an end by the appearance of his Coming" 2 Thess.2:8. "For blindness has fallen on those [who see themselves as Flesh ]as a strong delusion to believe what is false to be real." 2 Thess.2:11. And that False PREMISE is clear, the idea you are a Flesh and Blood creature. Such cannot inherit the kingdom of God. 1 Cor.15:50.

The incredible thing is, that this false state of unreality you being flesh and blood actually proves the Reality of Spirit. For without that reality, this Temporal World could never exist."The Things that are seen are but for a time, the Unseen things are eternal." 2 Cor.4:18.

So we need REPENTANCE and then We need FAITH. For the "Just shall live by faith Alone" 
And so it says:
"By Faith, we understand the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that what is SEEN was not made out of things which are Visible" Heb.11:3. 

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