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God's evolution in us, as "God all in all" through Christ.

On the subject of God who is more correctly a verb than a noun, we have the invisible evolving the visible back into wholeness: "God all in all."[ 1 Cor.15:28]. I will diverge here onto the Matrix Movie as a very good modern day illustration of God's evolving in us, like raising the dust of the ground of Gen.2 in forming man, through His Spirit out of materiality and denseness into Spirit and Life.I do not see free will with Neo choosing between the blue pill or the red pill, in the Matrix movie, as the Matrix is a controlled environment that feeds off the human thought and images. Free will is not even God's, as God has no need of anything even free will, being Whole and complete. Any concept even free will, glory, omnipotence even love are irrelevant to God and only such concepts survive in duality. Neo taking the red pill is Divine Intervention through Grace...the blood of Christ.

Many things said in the Matrix Movie are correct parallel within the matrix of this world, which is entirely illusory and useless information in a world of Reality which is the Unknown, and can only be known in the intuitive silence. Of course, it starts with Morpheus the "ancient God of dreams" this world we give so much reality too is being dreamed, we are but the dream bodies. The Dreamer is Yahweh who is in a process of becoming in US, until we reach the divine state of Mathew. 5, where we become sons of the Heavenly Father..."be ye perfect as your Heavenly Father is perfect."[ Math.5:48.]

 Of course, the Matrix agent Smiths are representing the Jews who perpetuate the false notion of God being wrathful,violent, baby basher, [Psam.137:9]  etc, though these notions did change with the Prophets later on from the primitive world of Moses.  In the Matrix Movie, the individuals who had been brought into the understanding and truth of the Real World, starts with Morpheus like Moses, who sets the ground for the coming Christ, but each in his own order, the seeds were sown with Moses, but the first fruits are Christ, the first fruits from the dead and then each in his own order. [1 Cor.15:23]
 But Neo  like Christ was the first to reveal the true God and eternal Life through whom came Grace and truth,[John1:17] and the Law was through Moses, that was a School teacher to bring us to Christ [Gal.3:24]...... to the reality of Reality. 
Jesus as the Christ was the first to show the others that you must remove all fear, doubt, and disbelief and become those who would never see death as the Christ promised. [John8:51]Everything here is  Illusions designed to crucify the Christ in you. Once the Illusion were tried and tested and found wanting, Neo didn't have to run anymore from the gatekeepers or dodge bullets and darts from the Evil One. He was able to see it all as an illusion, powerless. He could see to time itself to be controlled, as he halted the bullets in their flight. 
With Neo the Matrix becomes broken under the power of the Holy Spirit that so infuses and renews hidden man, the inner man within,[2 Cor.4:16, Eph.3:16, Rom.7:22-23.] The  gatekeeper enlightened from within with the key the Mind of Christ, that subdues all thoughts [2 Cor.10:4-5].....the other outer gatekeepers to your mind perishing [2 Cor.4:16] with the key of duality.
The God revealed in the Old Testament was man's idea of God, a tool or concept that would enable the religious meritocracy to control the masses for their personal gain, pride and power. "Neo" means "new" in Greek it stands for a "new Creation," which this world has no  concept of......"seeing through a dark glass," [1 Cor.13:12.]"Things not seen are eternal."[ 2Cor.4:18] " God has prepared for those who love Him, things which the eye has not seen, or the ear heard."[ 1 Cor.2:9.]

For those proselytes who are in Christ they are similar to Neo, who at first is blinded by a bright light and asks why his eyes hurt. The reply is because you have never used them. Just like the blind man. And as such Christ came to give sight to the blind, hearing to the deaf and healing to the lame.[Math.11:5]
 Neo from the start is confronted with the decision to know the truth, or, to  know what the Matrix is, but never really knowing. Choosing to know the truth, he picks the red pill, which disrupts his neurological electrical waves and sends him into another world. Pilate asked the same of Jesus "What is Truth?"[John18:38]
There is no way out of here except through death, that is the Truth. Jesus was then the answer being the Resurrection and Life.[John14:6]
He awakens to find himself in somewhat of a pod, where he looks around, only to discover millions more pods. Upon being unplugged from the brain centre, he passes out and awakens to find the Real World....outside the Matrix.
Neo us the new creation man, that St.Paul called "I knew a man in Christ" [2 Cor.12:2] the mask of his old creation being is falling away, for without a vision the people perish. That mask is the human mind, the carnal mind at enmity with God, that so distorts your vision, so images in the mind are given reality, like the pictures on a movie screen, only in 3D. But in reality, all the images in mind are illusions they are not the reality, they are mind formed from the electrical messages out there, like the millions of body pods hooked up to the Central Computer of the Matrix, your imagined mind connected to the Universal Mind of Man which is Satan,the Beast, the Image that was given life. [Rev.13:15]
That is also the source of all your thoughts, images, and even your family, vocation etc. Your whole world is a masquerade, your true identity is cloaked in a façade of deception, the test, this School of Tyrannus is your ability to awake and to see clearly.......are you fit material to be like Christ? That is why you are here to wake up from the sleeping, those who are asleep in Christ, [1 Thess.4:14] that have not heard his assembling shout, [1 Thess.4:16] to rise up and let the Light of Christ shine upon them. [Eph.5:14.]  How long will you live in your 5 senses and believe in the illusions coming out of the Universal Mind, how long will you allow yourself to eat the dust of the ground, the dust of thoughts that have never resolved sin in this world, or violence or wars?


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