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Letting go of Judgement.

Letting go of Judgement brings the silence of the Mind of Christ. There is no true silence, as long as there is thought.Thoughts are a mechanical process, that never ceases until a solution comes to view. When the solution comes the mind is silent. Now the solution to thought is the Mind of Christ.Now the Mind of Christ is the end of thought, particularly that thought of 'self/ego' as a separate identity.The Mind of Christ is the beginning of Wisdom, for it fears all those wrong thoughts that ego has of God.

All we ever are is a thought, within that great stream of consciousness manifesting as thought. We see ourselves as separate thought an identity encased in a bag of skin, seeking perfection and contentment, but only find sickness, old age, and death.

Actually, this separate identity is an attack on God's essential unity. It is the shattering of Reality. The thought I am separate seems harmless at first, but it is denying the fact the Father and Son are ONE. It is an attack of God's very nature as Reality. By thinking the thought I am separate, I attack the unity of God's Being. By thinking I am limited, I attack the Omnipotence of God. By locating myself in a mere bag of skin, I attack the omnipresence of God.By seeing myself a child of time, I attack eternity.These thoughts of separation brought Silence to Heaven, as we sought to tear eternity apart, and divide it into seasons, days and hours. Our thoughts of separation and fall was a direct attack on God and on the total seamless nature of Heaven.

Fearing God's wrath and vengeance, we robbed God of His only Son, ourselves. As if we could, but the insane notion only grew and grew. We thought we had mortally sinned, and projected all our guilt on God. We thought God believed we had sinned, that we perfect from His very hand, had become blemished! Such massive guilt and fear saw God's Anger as a blazing sword rushing in every direction towards him. So man fled.

But this was no means the end. Now we saw ourselves as separate and sinful, we had to find another Kingdom to hide from God. A place so far and remote, totally alien to god's Wholly nature, so that God could never find or catch us. We were seeking refuge from God's Judgement, stemming from the insane belief that God could ever be angry with us.

Not only that we God's perfect Son, not only shattered the Silence of Heaven but took it's broken pieces to build another. To create another Kingdom outside of Heaven. A world so totally opposite of infinite distances, extremes of heat and cold, of darkness and light. This world was the opposite of God's Reality and Heaven. It was a world ruled by extremes, of fragmentation, tyranny of distance, change and pain, sickness and death were it's only face. A world endlessly attacking and eating each other, kill or be killed was it's very nature.

Of course, this world we hid in, was so awesome in its evil we denied we made it.We had to find a more remote figure on which to lay our blame, so we could become the victims of another. A god we had made in our own image and likeness, and even Gave the unknowable a name.An idol of our thoughts and beliefs.

Having attacked God in such insanity, we then turned on each other. Ego loves to attack another, for the very world itself was produced by attacking God Himself. To seek to be separate.

Having done all that. The self/ego sought to make itself special, so special that even God's Son had to come to ego's world and be punished for what God's Perfect Son could never do. Ultimately self/ego has but one objective to destroy God and set itself upon God's throne.

Let us go further and explore what this ego is. What is this self that Christ says we must deny? Ego is nothing more than a belief that we are separate. It is not what we are, but a concept a belief.No doubt a core belief, but entirely illusionary.How little do we ponder we cannot be that which we can make or form from the dust of thoughts.From the very moment, this thought was born we have the complete disaster. It needs a constant defense to maintain it's false existence. It sees itself not as perfect from God's Hand but weak, imperfect, in need of defense, vulnerable to sickness and ultimately death.

Actually, this idea of a separate self is an unrelenting attack on life itself and reality. The penalty of Death is  the only reward. It will torment you while you breathe, but ultimately stalks you with death. It is not satisfied until you die. Your death is its ultimate goal.Identifying with this "I" is nought but suicide. Paul saw this when he said: "No longer live I, but Christ." Gal.2:20.

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