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The Mind of Christ.

... the 'I' eye see 'I Am' Being fully alive in Jesus, as a Christed One perceived through the Mind and Will of our Father, who as All and in All, is the Tree of Life ...



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A whole mind or the "Mind of Christ" 1 Cor.2:16.....would see no separate self, such as you or me to get anything for itself, for all is conformed unto His Body of Glory, out of the vile state of separation Phil.3:21.... where every thought has been brought into obeisance 2 Cor.10:5.... for any objective self has only an objective existence, one of humiliation and transience. That which I am impersonally is invisible, things without qualities or resemblance being eternal not objectively sequenced in time and space 2 Cor.4:18 and cannot be an entity/object being rather the "fullness of Him who fills all things." Eph.1:23.

To state there is a "you" is to identify with an object that can say that as another object "I" or it's accusative. To state there is a you without a me is silly and contradictory, a non-
 sequitur. One is saying that this epistemological viewpoint, i.e. "that there is no historical Christ that you know as Jesus", nor is there a Stephen known as inseeing either. Only in the illusory dream of this world do they appear historical figures. Indeed our historical lives are all conceptual, just as all those dream bodies in our night time dream adventures of our serial alter ego,...the "ego" has multiple identities in the parallel universes of the dream or astral world so like the waking one. Dream stuff is the stuff of mind and so is matter. Adam outside of Eden is also outside of the real, in a state of sleep. That is why it says "in Adam all die" that is positionally and notionally mankind is asleep. That is why Paul speaks of sleep as a state of death. "Wake up thou that sleep-est, and arise from amongst the dead". Eve was taken our of Adam's side and never returned until Jesus side was pierced on the Tree of Life, made whole a spiritual creation no longer able to be tempted by the dust of the serpent senses, that need a world of dualism, the "Tree of knowledge" the collective mind of man the source of all thoughts,that is almost doubling every decade.

 Mankind is in  a deep sleep and so slumbers hard, that these truths are almost incomprehensible.......but in Christ "all are made alive". Christ is that which awakens, like Neo in the Matrix Movie, assisted by the Prophets/Oracle, the promised one, awakening in the womb like vat, unplugged from the umbilical-like cords, and slides down a tube resembling the birth canal. Amazing as this Matrix movie is metaphorically the real truth that this happens to the world where imagined humans are grown and not actually born, in a world controlled by machines and supercomputer programs. So Neo's awakening is like a virgin birth. Pray to God we get some virgin births going here! Neo is again baptised by Morpheus and the crew of Nebuchadnezzar and tempted like Christ in the wilderness for 40 days by agent Smith and his cohorts. Tempted to betray Morpheus and then to give his life as a ransom to save Morpheus and ultimately the crew of the Nebuchadnezzar.


If one has fully understood this, profoundly absorbed it, not just out of rote words, one could no longer go on living in subjection to a phantasm self, in bondage to a psycho-somatic "I" any more than Christ or Paul did. Mankind is living in  a conceptual world just like those of the Matrix, few are those who are of the Nebuchadnezzar, awakened ones amongst the dead, who have the power of the resurrection and can overcome the "God of this world" and his many agents who are powerful indeed as Paul said "Agents/ministers of Light".  But "greater is that which is in you, than he who is in the world. This is a tremendous battle between illusion and reality make no mistake. All historical relationships are in the past, just like  a computer programme ready to again trap the future as the past. WE need the NOW of the telephone call.

What I am suggesting is an historical Jesus or even an historical Beingofone or Inseeing are but a golden calf, whose worship is self, and it's desire to obtain eternal life to be as God as the snake hissed in the garden of Eden..oh historical snakes either.

What one is suggesting is that all historical figures only hold the phenomenal individual[ego self] like a psychic chain in apparent bondage, and that such pseudo entities be they Christ or one self no matter how good or bad, or pathetic or brilliant their performances may be, are just making us look in the wrong direction, looking for outward signs and not looking at the Kingdom of Heaven within as the Master's allegories foretold. The greatest figure of all allegories was Himself, high time we woke up too to our allegorical existence, we think we are so solid, so real, that we will at worse resurrect and away we will go into eternity as glorious bags of skin...time these bags of wind were pricked. "A thorn is the side" that Paul received. "Though I be foremost of all apostles, yet I am nothing."

What one is is clearly not this psychological "I" we have moulded and built over the years out of mind. Is not 
one's self merely one's own object, what one sees handles and can one be that which is objective? O.K. perhaps to you this is gobble de g**k.

Can one not go on playing like "Elsa" the Lioness, and "live Free", without all our psychological hang-ups and attachments, even abandon word's crutches and just be? Cannot one live out one's waking dream worthily and righteously, without identifying with it's lead actor self, without taking it seriously? Was not this the spirit of Christ? Was not this Paul was trying to preach as "My Gospel" that was not sourced from man or an historical association with a man of his times called Yeshua, but direct from the Source as he stated in Galatians One? It is living in historical relationships that make marriages, friendships go sour....relationships need the fragrance of the present moment, and not the herbicide of past hurts

Was not the benediction of Christ's life, that of love and kindness towards a world around Himself that he recognised as His very Self?
The realisation He was the "fullness of all things" "the firstborn of every creature" "by whom all things were made" on earth could you attribute such profundity to an objective historical blood and flesh man? Do you think that I a blood and flesh man could be God? Far be the thought. But I am HE.There is no other, before creation during creation or after...that is all objective states of mind created out of thought. Thought is matter, is organised like matter, does not happen without a chemical reaction, or without brain matter. The great lie is from all those Philosophers that try to separate mind and matter. Matter is just as temporary as thought, and mind is nothing but thoughts.

Neng argued that the cause of the flapping flag, was neither the wind or the flag itself, but rather the mind that observed them.

Scripture is clear we "know no man after the flesh" not even Christ.

God is not man and man is not God, for God is everything.

The doctrine is no-doctrine, my practise is no -practise, my meditation is non-meditation, with the Mind of no-mind, the thought of no-thought. the action of no-action.

All apparent entities are lived by a higher Life, or dreamed. The person is not an entity but a projection of mind, so the person has no apparent volition, as it says "I can do nothing of myself, unless the Father gives it to me to do." We are not superior to the Master, we also are being lived, taking on a role perhaps we do not like, but we are being lived, hence our 
temporality.Imagine if the Sun stopped shining for a day, that you had no air for 10 minutes......yea we are so full of ourselves.......puffed up with this imaginary self that has no real life of it's own.It's life is only a concept extended in time and space, a product of a divided mind eating from the Tree of knowledge, constipated and addicted to its fruit.

There is no such person as a liver of life anymore than there is a dyer of death. Death only indicates the absence of life, it has no reality of it's own, no such state that is absolute........a carnal divided mind cannot grasp that which the illuminated Mind of Christ can, which is eternal life a state which is stateless, which neither lives or dies. You cannot conceptualise eternal life....... many do, but it is with a carnal mind that cannot grasp it's singularity, that has no extension in time or space. The Tree of Life is the Mind of Christ in us. We need to grasp these things, they seem a bit obscure, but this is not for the lazy ones, the mental indolent, the children that still sup from the breasts of the *hore of Babylon.....Christendom still whoring with Catholicism and her harem of Protestant daughters......who detest strong meat of truth, that needs to be thoroughly chewed..for them this is all too hard. Much easier to worship a golden calf.

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