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The Three States of Consciousness.

The world that we see all around us has many levels of existence or potentials...some physicists call it parallel universes. The very first is the one that you see, hear, touch and smell. This is the material reality. In the material reality we are all separate beings and objects and genders and personalities etc. WE have just looked at the possibilities that this leads to in that posting: "This is the last last warning Babylon." What is this Babylon that is so much repeating itself in Scripture in opposition to the CITY OF GOD the heavenly Jerusalem?
Great Babylon is that great City that has so polluted your consciousness or soul, it is that level of consciousness that we all see, smell,hear and touch and go about our daily lives. It is that state of consciousness we have received from this "present evil world" from first our parents in their ignorance, from our culture, our educational system, from our Church, from our profession and then our new practises of believing all this stuff that comes off the printing presses, so we have lost contact with the true God and Eternal Life that we were born with as Babes, and have moulded this person we think we are.... from all the physical cause and effects from this world and programs of living in our old STATE OF BABYLONIAN CONSCIOUSNESS..."in which you formerly walked according to the course of this world" Ephesians2:2
Ha ha some amongst are you waking up yet "sons of light and sons of day" let us not be ill informed about those who sleep in this dust of Babylon, and cease grieving, for soon all those who are asleep amongst us are going to rise up Christ did not die to this great system of Baylon for nothing!...."THE COURSE OF THIS WORLD" albeit there are some who give us a "A COURSE IN MIRACLES......yea from a risen Christ in the glory, to those who have ears to see and eyes to read with....yea we are now Spirit enabled to write miracles today we have a brand new longer from "the Course of this world." Let us rise up friends and greet the Author of this brand new way of living, that of know it is a miracle you all are here to be able to read the many posts comomg from a glorified Christ within and His Spirit of Truth!
In this level of consciousness everything is governed by traditional laws of physics, Newton's Laws of Motion which basically says: things are separate and don't move or change by themselves unless [with some external force] you heat it, burn it, push it, pull it, or give it a nice strong kick. If you believe this is the only level of reality, then you understand that everything has a physical cause and effect, everything is separate individual objects, and if you want to make anything happen, you basically got to do it through some form of physical expenditure of energy..
The material reality you have come to believe in, is the one that has the atoms and molecules and as you may have been taught from School, it looks like a tiny solar system with electrons circling all around and a tiny nucleus at the center. Looks like everything is in order and it makes sense too until the world of Quantum arrived, but the School were ever so careful about that, it became a belief that nobody can understand and not something you can practise every day only in the Lab by en elite group of physicist very removed from your daily reality..
Truth was beginning to push at the sides of man's bubble belief of reality, man experimented with the contortions of this bubble this way and that, but nobody wanted the bubble to go pop! Perhaps not even us. Are you really ready..rapture ready? This is no mere rapture belief of an individual but the whole world you have been living in.God so loves the world and not one thing will be lost.How few believe this, even less that god's love never fails.
So this this material world of Babylon is not the only level of reality. As you look deeper into the atoms and molecules that make you, your dog, your house, your car, the world around you the country side, the mountains and the stars, you see that the model that you were taught in school is not at all correct. There are no little particles of electrons circling the nucleus at all! Then what is there? There are particle and anti particles, there are quarks yes a whole new menagerie of particle, a staggering zoo of particles at the sub atomic level! In this world of matter reality on close observation by our geniuses and most brilliant Scientists, are finding a rabbit hole that goes so deep, that there appears to be no bottom.
This great Babylon we have built is at the very edge of this hole, ready to plunge in, everything man has believed in, everything that he has traded in as knowledge and reality is about to disappear down this rabbit hole forever this great Babylon that has has so entranced us, that has literally danced before our eyes, on the circular circus of our retina is falling , falling down this rabbit hole as the brilliant Physicist Priogine argued : time is a "symmetry breaking" down." "The idea of simplicity is falling apart. Any direction you go in there's complexity."
To go deeper in to this rabbit hole inquiry, where this complex system that makes this known reality we mankind have believed so faithfully in called Babylon, that includes every belief we have about matter culture religion and who we are up until now, that has been the very basis of our existence, has been found "Mene tekel upharsin" it has now been weighed and found wanting. The whole system is crashing around us. Prigogine spoke of this complex system of reality becoming separated from reversible time by what he called an "infinite entropy barrier".
That is processes that run in reversed time direction that become no longer astronomically improbable, as another scientist Boltzmann has said, but infinitely improbable. Yes a few are waking up to the infinite improbability of this world being reality, there are cracks appearing in the very foundations of this great City of Reality mankind has built around himself. Man is beginning to see the lack of reality in his financial system, his political systems, his religious systems his educational systems.cracks in their reality are becoming larger.
To simplify what these great Physicists are saying imagine a stone thrown into a pond with the ripples spreading ever spreading outwards. To time reverse this situation would require an exact coordination of all those infinitesimal disturbances around the edge of the pond, so that they all reverse and move inwards, growing in amplitude until they converge at an exact depression. That which came from one simple act of throwing a stone producing a soliton wave would require a staggering linear coordinating of all those forces set in play, it would be infinitely staggering to rectify. But this illustration also omits the fact this pond would also be open to the rest of the Universe, to other open systems.... universes without end.
For this our world is bathed in a constant flux of gravity, electricity, magnetism along with the movement of distant stars, galaxies, there minute changes in gravitational fields, temperature, that would destroy any possible correlations we may try and deduce from this imagined pond of this earth. So any prognosis of this earth's weather, greenhouse gases could not possibly be accurate in the long term due to factors of this earth being exposed to the ecology of a whole universe of other open systems like the pond we have referred to So as some here may begin to suspect, how suspect this world is, none of it's sciences could ever be exactly so and true in all time and space, they are in themselves just permutations of an endless array of possibilities.
W are living in an infinite Universe of infinite possibilities. What man believes in in this closed system of reality we call Babylon is totally flawed, mankind has been bewitched by climatologists, by the many charlatans that are seeking their own glory and wealth with doomsday messages. Beware of all who sensationalise outer events. "For the kingdom of God does not come through observation.....Lo, the Kingdom of God is within you."
What is there without is nothing but a hazy cloud of electrical charge. Oh okay, you say, big deal! So there is a cloud of observation instead of little lumpy things called electrons. So what? Well, the thing is, the cloud is not really like a cloud that we see in the sky, but rather a cloud of POSSIBILITIES! And so the inspired Writer of the Book of Hebrews declares "WE are surrounded by a Great Cloud of Witnesses" what are your witnesses of your world of your reality, is it man of God?
Okay, I hope I didn't get you stumped there in Babylon as a last warning, because as we go on into our inquiry into what is happening in this world it gets more interesting. What the cloud of possibilities mean is that not only there are no electrons or matter in any particular place, it's not anywhere for it is [buckle your seatbelts] EVERYWHERE IN SPACE AND TIME.
It's a super charged cloud of possibilities that can be anywhere and everywhere. And with this we have now entered the realm of Divine Possibilities we are entering the Kingdom of God foretold by the prophets.....
these warning signs without are sentinels standing at the entrance of a pure heart, to these new possibilities in the Kingdom of God within. God is now shaking the external realities so there may be just a possibility you may inquire within, where the Holy Spirit is waiting, has been waiting in eternity for you..... that you may grasp her She our Mother Above, The Awareness can give you infinite freedom of Her City Above.

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