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The Two Kingdoms, one Temporal, the other Eternal.

The true Kingdom of God on Earth which started with Abraham and then passed through the dispersion of the 10 tribes  from the Northern Kingdom into Babylon where it first became the Head of Gold in Babylon under the God of Daniel, until it finally became the clay and iron of Rome under the latter descendants of Judah, who have always controlled the worlds media, law's, and finances...the same descendants infiltrated Christendom as St. Paul warned, and spawned a false Christendom, this Gospel is what St. Paul warned the Galatians about.

 Galatians 1:6-9.     "I am astonished that you are so quickly deserting the one who called you to live in the grace of Christ and are turning to a different gospel— 7 which is really no gospel at all. Evidently some people are throwing you into confusion and are trying to pervert the gospel of Christ. 8 But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach a gospel other than the one we preached to you, let them be under God’s curse! 9 As we have already said, so now I say again: If anybody is preaching to you a gospel other than what you accepted, let them be under God’s curse!" Hence Christendom has fallen under a curse of division, multiple conflicting doctrines, and the martyrdom  of millions of Christians by  opposing Christians using the Government's blessing and power.

It is the legal fundamentalism of doctrine, and the introduction of non-Israelites, those who are not the descendants of Abraham told as if they were, and hence under the law of the Jews by default..... that is not St. Paul's Gospel which was not about the promises to the Jews, but a new entire revelation of the Kingdom of Heaven where none of our blessings are earthly, where our God is the loving Father not the vengeful God of the Jews whose jurisdiction is over the Earth, not Heaven. But I certify you, brethren, that the gospel which was preached of me is not after man. Ephesians 1:3-14. “Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in the heavenly realm with every spiritual blessing in Christ.”

Gal. 1:12 "For I neither received it of man, neither was I taught it, but by the revelation of Jesus Christ." He did not receive it from the other Apostles!

As Galatians clearly points out there are two gospels [Gal.2:7] one of the earthly blessings of the Jews the other the heavenly blessings of the Gentiles and Jews who want to change their God to the loving Father not the God of the Jews see Deut.32:8-9.

This is radical, but having spent almost a lifetime of wondering why so many just do not get it, I began to closely read the Bible for an explanation, and on doing so, you will begin to see the Gospel Paul was given, was to the Gentiles only, but also to the Israelites, who were in dispersion throughout the world and most had lost their identity of being Israelites, the seed of Isaac who due to being born to a women beyond conception was considered a son of Yahweh. Hence the Gospel was to go out into all the world as "a witness" and not to the salvation of the seed of the serpent. The seed of the serpent have hijacked Paul's Gospel and hence we have this blasphemous and corrupt Christendom of today, that St. John prophesied of. Hence the many who "say they are Jews and are not" come onto these sites and disrupt them. Yes the world will be saved, ["The Eternal Gospel"] but there will be a separation of the families, those of heaven and those of Earth according to their works.[Eph.3:15] The seed of Isaac is a heavenly seed, it's goal and aspirations are not of this world and have nothing to do with the Israel we know today..."those who say they are Jews and are not." Such people do not rely on God for their defense but brutal weapons of mass destruction.

The true Government of God in Joseph's dream was to eventually pass to his descendants, not through Judah of the Southern Kingdom though it was given the scepter, it would finally be broken. It was Judah who arranged Joseph to be sold into exile and slavery and also it was this story that was again to be repeated when the Southern Kingdom of Judah that is the JEWS who were responsible for the same betrayal of the Northern Kingdom of the 10 Tribes of Israel.

When the final stage of this Kingdom of God on earth came to a close, the Most High God [not Yahweh another son Deut.32:8] sent the promised Son the True King who had the scepter through the Tribe of Judah to establish the Kingdom of God on earth again. But it was flawed from the very beginning as Jacob foresaw and we see that in the genealogy of Christ there was an admixture of other races such as Rahab, Ruth and the wife of Uriah the Hittite, it was not a true royal line. God had in mind something far greater a Man out of Heaven of the Order of Melchizedek who could be birthed in you and me!
So this Sceptre though powerful and came with a demonstration of great miracles was ridiculed and nailed to a Cross as a sign.

The first message or Gospel! Was when He came out of the Jordan preaching: "Repent for the Kingdom of God is at hand". But Judah or the Jews in their treachery would eventually have Him crucified. The true Christ is immortal and eternal and could never die! Sure He could "taste death for every man" and be found in "appearance as a man" and use "death to slay him who had the power of death" which meant He was Lord over death Himself and of such a One it is said: "Who alone has immortality"! We do not outside of him our true identity "Christ the firstborn of every creature". Which is why we are born and then die because it is not our true identity but false, transitory, and illusory.

St. Paul an Israelite of the tribe of Benjamin and also Barnabus another Israelite were commissioned by the Holy Spirit to re-offer the Kingdom of God on earth. But by Acts 13:2 this commission had utterly failed. That is what the Book of Acts is about: the offer of the Kingdom of God to the Jew and proselytes first...until the Holy Spirit intervenes in Acts 13:2. Straight after the 12 chapters presenting the Kingdom of God on Earth again re-offered to the 12 tribes,   but rejected by the Jews/Judah who worship Yahweh.

The Four Gospels are the first offer of the Kingdom of God on Earth by their rightful King Yeshuah. Well, that ended at the Cross in total ignominy!
Having crucified Him the Kingdom of God is offered out of Grace again but this time not to the GENTILES as we suppose but the Jews/Judah. They were not commissioned to go out into the whole world, as that quote from Mark 16:15 was not in the oldest manuscript that we have, that is from the manuscripts of the Vaticanus or the Sinaiticus. But if you closely read Scripture it was offered to both Jew or the House of Judah again as the last chance, that was the commission of Jesus for the 12 apostles to go out into all the land that being then Palestine, primarily in reading the Book of Acts of the Apostles. St. Paul was an Apostle by default out of due time, not the time of the Jews.

The Great Commission by Jesus was to the Land/Palestine, not the world.... who went to Australia and America etc back then? The hidden hand of the " Prince of the Power of the air" is seen in the hand of the translators in many passages of our many translated Bibles...... in fact, the Old Testament was missing from the First New Testament and only added 200 years later by Rome.

Reading Scripture you will find the Gentiles so called by our modern translators were actually the lost 10 tribes of Israel dispersed around that Roman Empire that was the final stage of the Kingdom of God on Earth, these 10 tribes had lost their identity but not the Southern Kingdom ruled by Judah. These 10 Tribes were scattered amongst the nations and interbred with other races. Yes the Jews also were scattered among the nations but kept their Yahweh religion. Let us be clear the 10 tribes are not the Jews, they are not of the tribe of Judah which had the scepter of power over the nations as it still does today, call them Zionist Jews or whatever, they are the bankers, lawmakers and the kingmakers of this world.

Jesus the true Son of the "True God and Eternal Life" 1 John 5:20 the Heavenly Father, conceived of the Holy Spirit was to have this scepter but the Jews had Him crucified, He said: "My Kingdom is no longer from here" it was to be a heavenly kingdom. He was far too loving and kind for them they wanted their God Yahweh..."Love your enemies" we all know is anathema to the Jews....though they try hard to conceal this through their control of the Mass Media, Hollywood and the Pop culture along with the New Age and U.N.

The lost 10 tribes who were betrayed by Judah/Jews are those of the white Europeans and British races and also those who had gone to India, Tibet parts of China and America as native tribes, for the Kingdom of God spoken of in Daniel was to spread eventually over the face of the earth. 
St. Paul was of the tribe of Benjamin not Judah. Jesus was conceived of the Holy Spirit who "came in the likeness of sinful flesh" Rom8:3-4.
1 Cor15 :47 "The first man was of the dust of the earth; the second man is of heaven. 48 As was the earthly man, so are those who are of the earth; and as is the heavenly man, so also are those who are of heaven. 49 And just as we have borne the image of the earthly man, so shall we bear the image of the heavenly man."

But not all whites are of the true seed, but most have taken on the features of the seed of the serpent and interbred with such. Indeed few are they who remain today, who can separate out the old nature the old man with the new creation man, because the seed of the serpent has become so entrenched through millenniums of interbreeding...even in one family the DNA can be corrupted in some or all. Which explains who we have all come across so many who just do not get it, while so many secretly subvert the Gospel delivered to St. Paul.

The lost 10 tribes also include those who have become proselytes to the Kingdom of God, those who are converted being the seed of the woman. When Paul said "All Israel shall be saved" that is final truth and the revelation of who the True Israelites are today. Those who reject Paul's Gospel are those of the nations without the City in the final Chapter of Revelations. Salvation is not found in this world but out of it. The Kingdom of God on Earth is only a 1000 years, and then it is destroyed. St. Paul's Gospel gives Eternal Life in Christ.... in Heaven.

When Paul's Gospel is rejected that closed the final re offer of the Kingdom of God on earth as a visible and viable entity. But then a new kingdom is shown to Paul after he is shut off from all access and rejected [i.e. "all those in Asia have turned away from me" 2 Tim.1:15] and is imprisoned in Rome, a new Revelation is given to Paul that which was hidden from the prophets of old it is: " the mystery of Christ"..."Christ in YOU" was the final offer and the best offer of all.... for this KINGDOM OF GOD would be not only be INVISIBLE but ETERNAL. "The things not seen are eternal" 2 Cor.4:18.

Paul specifically told the Colossians in his final prison epistle to them that he Paul alone was the final dispenser of this invisible Kingdom of God on earth....."in accord with the stewardship of God, which was granted to me for you, to complete the Word of God, the secret which had been CONCEALED FROM THE AGES and from the generations of man.....what are the glorious riches of this secret among all the nations, which is CHRIST IN YOU, the glorious expectation, whom we are announcing and admonishing EVERY MAN and teaching every man in wisdom." read Col.1:23-28.

Why then the Book of Revelations? It is the unveiling of this Spiritual INVISIBLE Kingdom of God on earth and while there would still remain those false kingdoms without they would be sustained from the healing force and the glorious light flowing from those spirit beings whose residence is in the New Jerusalem come down from heaven to earth in US. We are the "light unto the world." The Apostle John the most spiritual of all the Circumcision Gospel writers was commissioned to unveil this revelation of Christ and His visible Kingdom on earth and its downfall, after Paul was martyred. The problem is not the Circumcision Apostles and their Gospel, but the later Christendom fathers mixing the two Gospels up, corrupting the whole of Christendom.

It is clear that this Kingdom of St. Paul is SPIRITUAL and not Earthly, as Paul again in another prison epistle says: " the secret is made known to me through revelation....which had not been made known to other generations...IN SPIRIT [the nations/Israelites as Jacob said would become the many nations, only Ham was cursed. So Paul continues]....are to be joint heirs of this Kingdom.........through the Gospel of which I am the dispenser." Eph.3:4-7 see also Concordant version A.E. Knoch for a more accurate translation of verse 5.
This is what I have been given to understand of Scripture, though I have not heard of this before or read about it, though A.E.Knoch pointed to some of it, this is the blueprint the Holy Spirit leaves in my heart.

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